Employee Experience

At Global internet giant and consistent title-holder of Best Place to Work, Google, the Employee satisfaction rose by 37% due to Employee Support Initiatives.

It is evident by the above example as to how important Employee Experience is and its significant impact on the overall health of an organisation. At Cobuzz, we intrinsically understand that Employee Experience is a strategic business approach to touch every facet of the Employees’ engagement with the organisation.

Considering the new normal of working from home, there has been a drastic rise in the importance of Employee Experience. It has become increasingly essential to consider the satisfaction of Employees while they are working from home. At Cobuzz, we understand the significance of Employee Experience as part of an organisation’s reputation as an Employer. Thus, we strive to create a compelling Employee Experience for those working remotely.

At CoBuzz, we strive to offer your Employees’ with excellent Experience by:

  • Developing a communication strategy
  • Including the employees in the dialogue
  • Understanding their preferred engagement
  • Creating & sharing real people stories
  • Contributing to Employee Appreciation Programmes
  • Organising team building activities

We ensure that your current, as well as potential employees, know, live and connect with your employer brand right from day one.

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